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Where your talents and the needs of the world intersect, there is your calling


Welcome to afectivo. Glad to have you here!

I am Annika and my mission & calling is to accompany highly sensitive people to develop their full potential and to experience a healthy & fulfilled life. My heart's theme is high sensitivity and to support and strengthen people in difficult phases of life, especially change processes. This is how the name "afectivo" came about, which means "highly sensitive" in spanish. My love for my place of heart Ibiza is strongly connected to this.

Have you always been "different", have you been labeled as "too demanding", have you noticed immediately when you are lied to? Are you unhappy in your job and in permanent stress? Do you always run into people who rob you of your energy? Do you prefer to adapt yourself so that others are satisfied? Do you often disregard your own limits? Do you feel stressed and overstimulated? HIGH SENSITIVITY

As a highly sensitive person you carry a great treasure inside you! Discover your strengths & potentials and learn to rely on your heart and intuition again.

I am a highly sensitive person myself, a graduate in business/organizational psychology, a system. coach, non-medical practitioner for psychotherapy and mother with passion. Therefore I show you a broad spectrum of knowledge, life experience and at the same time a strong intuition and sensitivity. ABOUT ME

I offer you an exclusive potential development coaching especially for highly sensitive people (small and big) as well as psychotherapy. My offers are directed to you privately and also to organizations (companies, associations, clubs etc.). The goal is always to recognize and develop your optimal potential, and above all to be healthy and happy. COACHING OFFERS, PSYCHOTHERAPY OFFERS

My focus is on the person as an individual!

I look forward to getting to know you and to accompany you in your development. Feel free to contact me and we will find a suitable way back to you and your power! CONTACT


Yours, Annika

„Be the change you wish to see in the world!“ (M. Ghandi)