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Strengths & Potentials of highly sensitive people

High sensitivity is a gift, a huge potential. Highly sensitive people are needed more than ever in today's world. They don't have to hide or adapt, they should stand by themselves and show themselves. With their strengths, they can make a great contribution to sustainably improve the world and our coexistence.

Unfortunately, in today's performance and consumer society, highly sensitive people repeatedly reach their limits and find it difficult to live out their strengths (see above). In this context, the environment and also the social environment play a major role. It can be very supportive, but also very stressful.

Highly sensitive people have many talents and gifts, it is simply a matter of recognizing them and being able to live them out in the right environment. This is exactly the focus of my coaching; to help highly sensitive people to recognize and accept themselves and to discover and live out their potentials.

Due to the finely networked brain and the higher receptivity of stimuli, highly sensitive people often have a strong holistic thinking as well as a strength in recognizing large contexts. One also speaks of an "episodic memory", which goes hand in hand with a very strong imagination. The information received is processed extremely thoroughly and the ability of highly sensitive people to abstract is strongly pronounced.

Due to their stronger ability to perceive, highly sensitive people have, above all, a very pronounced empathy and sensitivity; they can sometimes sense exactly what their counterpart is feeling. This is one of the most important strengths in the interaction with other people, because it holds great potential to recognize the need for help.

In addition to the classic 5 senses, most highly sensitive people have a very strong expression of the so-called 6th sense, intuition. This means that there is a very strong sense for other people, for contexts, situations and also decisions. The gut feeling is always "right" and highly sensitive people should learn to trust it. The overall very "fine antennas" can perceive everything more intensively: Sounds, optics, taste, effects on the body or what comes from within e.g. thoughts. Highly sensitive people therefore often have a very good feeling for their own health and body and sense immediately "when something is wrong".

All feelings are experienced more intensely, whether negative or positive. This also means that highly sensitive people are able to have very deep relationships and friendships. Small talks are completely out of place. They are therefore very good conversationalists, good and understanding listeners. In addition, they have qualities such as helpfulness and reliability.

Another strength of highly sensitive people is their creativity. The interest in beautiful things, a striving for harmony and the solution of problems also goes along with it. Highly sensitive people are very visual. The idealism and urge to solve problems offers just as much potential....

In addition, a very strong sense of justice plays a big role in the lives of many highly sensitive people. When others are "wronged", they can hardly bear it and also quickly sense the incongruity in people's behavior. The idealized idea of a "fair world" leads them to also raise their voice when injustice happens. This is a very valuable quality; it reduces suffering and creates harmony in the long term.

Last but not least, it is important to mention how spiritual many highly sensitive people are - the connection to "something bigger" or also the feeling of connectedness with animals, nature and other people is a wonderful quality and strength. The search for the higher meaning and the striving for meaningfulness in one's actions go hand in hand with this and play a role, especially in professional life, that holds great potential.