Afectivo Psychotherapie & Coaching

Special features of my holistic therapy offer

For me, the human being as an individual is the center of attention. My holistic approach takes into account the interaction of body, soul and spirit. As a highly sensitive person and as a therapist, I attach great importance to authenticity. You can also find a bit more detail about my approach and values here.  Therefore,  there are a few things that are important to me in my therapeutic work with people:

  • Confidentiality: of course I treat everything confidentially and am mindful of your concerns and your story
  • Appreciation: I meet you at eye level and see mutual appreciation as the most important basis in therapy
  • Solution orientation: for every problem there is a solution, which we work out in a very structured way
  • Mindfulness: in my work, a mindful approach is reflected above all in the fact that I do not judge and accompany you as unprejudiced
  • Animal-assisted work: one of my main focuses is animal-assisted therapy. Especially when working with phobias, my dogs are the best teachers and help you to lose your fears
  • Nature-based work: as in coaching, I offer to move the conversations "into nature", a peaceful environment e.g. in the forest has a proven effect on your well-being
  • Emergency service (also on weekends): you can contact me in case you need urgent help. I do not guarantee 100% availability, but I will get back to you

In Germany there are too few therapy places with cash registers. Some people therefore have to wait a very long time until they get help.

I also facilitate timely appointments and emergency consultations. Contact me and we will find a way!