Afectivo Psychotherapie & Coaching

Background knowledge about psychotherapy

We live in a time in which more and more people reach their limits and are dependent on therapeutic help. Most of the time it is our soul that "suffers". And we become mentally and physically ill. The causes are manifold and individual, just like every single person.

Overall, psychology is understood as "the study of the soul". To the best of my knowledge, however, no one has yet succeeded in fully defining the concept of the soul. I understand by it an "energy which is composed of body, spirit and aura".  Psychology is a science that has established a very strongly empirically oriented view of human beings, primarily through the observation of behavior, questioning and also experimentation.

In psychotherapy, psychological methods are used to treat mental illnesses, also called mental disorders. Different methods are used, especially therapy methods such as cognitive behavioral therapy have proven to be a very proven and above all helpful method. One can also say psychotherapy represents a form of "treatment of the soul". The relationship to each other, the trust and especially the interpersonal communication are of crucial importance. For me, mutual esteem is also particularly high on the list and is a prerequisite for the success of the therapy.

The goal is always to minimize the mental suffering and to help the client to live a "healthier" and happier life. Often physical complaints will then also become less, because everything is connected. I am firmly convinced of this. My approach will therefore always be holistic: body, mind and soul are connected and influence each other.

In Germany, psychotherapeutic work is protected by law through the Psychotherapists Act. In Germany, only licensed therapists and doctors are allowed to diagnose and treat. Anyone who does this without a license is liable to prosecution. The professional groups that are allowed to work therapeutically include doctors and psychiatrists, psychological psychotherapists and non-medical practitioners for psychotherapy. These professional groups are allowed to offer "psychotherapy". The therapists' paths are often as individual as they are as people. I see it as my calling to help and accompany people on this path. For me it was the "right" way to study, the years of practical experience - especially in business - and only then, with much more experience of life and people, the way as a non-medical practitioner for psychotherapy.

I also distance myself from defaming individual professions or pigeonholing them. I prefer to focus on the work and the clients. The goal is the reduction of suffering and the empowerment of the clients - for a more beautiful life.

As an alternative practitioner of psychotherapy, I am not allowed to perform physical examinations or prescribe medication. I always recommend to exclude physical/organic causes and to contact a doctor before starting any therapy. This is a very important part of the diagnosis and also makes it easier for the therapist to find the right therapy. No one can and may make a promise of a cure, neither doctor nor therapist. The cooperation and personal responsibility of the client plays a very important role in the success of the therapy.

In my practice I only treat private and self-pay patients. The costs are not covered by the public health insurance and must be paid by the client. We can discuss this in detail in a short personal meeting (free of charge). An initial consultation will always last 90 minutes and there the focus is on the anamnesis. In order to be able to offer a diagnosis and a therapy plan afterwards, you will also receive an anamnesis form from me in advance (also the privacy policy). The number of therapy hours and the intervals depend on the diagnosis and will be discussed individually.

My goal is to be able to help you as quickly as possible and above all sustainably and to accompany you in your own strength and healing.