Afectivo Psychotherapie & Coaching

Applied therapy methods

Over the years, many different therapeutic methods have been developed and have also proven themselves. Depending on the clinical picture, these can be applied in a targeted manner.

Basically, there are three main therapeutic directions. These include psychoanalysis (e.g. hypnosis), behavioral therapy (e.g. according to Beck & Ellis) and humanistic psychotherapy (e.g. conversational psychotherapy according to Rogers). There is also systemic therapy, in which families in particular can be treated.

In my practice I use cognitive behavioral therapy, for which I am also certified and trained. Elements of conversational psychotherapy are also applied and are also very helpful from my point of view. These two methods have proven themselves especially for the above-mentioned clinical pictures, which I also treat.

Many of the mental illnesses are triggered and maintained by irrational beliefs. These thoughts trigger feelings that are usually accompanied by suffering. The goal within cognitive behavioral therapy is to identify and work through these dysfunctional thoughts. Psychoeducation is an integral part of my work and I explain my approach to clients during therapy.

Above all, this approach aims to make you as a client as independent of the therapist as possible. A willingness to change and the ability to reflect is, however, a firm prerequisite in the context of this form of "behavioral training".

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