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I have the power to create change

Introduction: are you where you want to be?

"Are you where you want to be?" or in Spanish "Estas donde quieres estar?"? This sentence represents a central question that you should basically ask yourself....

The goal of my coaching offer is always - no matter if in your private life or in an organization - to fully develop given and partly still hidden potentials. I offer my clients an exclusive potential development coaching especially with the focus on high sensitivity.

As a certified psychologist and HP for psychotherapy I am additionally certified and trained as a system. Coach and project manager; in my career I have had many thousands of conversations with people and I also know the view of organizations due to my many years of project and corporate work. My focus in my coaching and consulting work is on high sensitivity and change processes. Individuals as well as organizations can be affected. The goal is always to fully develop strengths and potentials. My great strength, in addition to my own high sensitivity and empathy, is the recognition of contexts and structured development of individual concepts and solutions.

In doing so, the person is always in the foreground for me!

It is important to mention in advance that I have consciously decided to offer coaching as well as psychotherapy. I am trained and qualified for both and this offers my clients a great added value. The boundaries between personal crises and serious disorders are often floating and I am grateful that I can act preventively, but also therapeutically. The main difference between coaching and psychotherapy is that in coaching there is no mental illness and no diagnosis is allowed. In coaching with highly sensitive people, I work on current challenges and life crises or current changes in life. This also applies to organizations. Coaching for me means to work preventively. By focusing on strengths and potentials, the main goal is physical and mental health. True to the motto "Strengthen strengths", highly sensitive people can rediscover these for themselves and live out their talents in a satisfied and healthy way.

In organizations, the goal of my work is to master change processes in a "healthy" way, and in this context also to have the courage to stand by the sensitive the sensitive employees, who are the true "treasures of an organization".

For this purpose, I offer organizations exclusive trainings and workshops as well as individual coaching for executives. Details can be found below under the individual offers.

You can choose which time and day suits you best, as well as the location and medium. We can see each other in person, talk on the phone, via ZOOM or move the coaching outside into nature (e.g. "forest bathing"). It is possible to arrange coaching appointments at different locations (Hamm, Dortmund, Ibiza).

Special features of my offer are mainly:

  • Your individuality and humanity are in the foreground
  • Professionalism is very important to me in our cooperation
  • I live authenticity. My entire offer corresponds to my conviction and my values
  • Flexibility in the design of the framework is especially important for highly sensitive people. Therefore I make this possible
  • Animal-assisted work is very close to my heart and offers many advantages and a great added value; it has been proven to have a positive effect on well-being when a dog is around and accompanies in coaching, for example (details to follow in personal conversation)
  • I offer "forest bathing" because for many people it is easier to open up and relax in nature and movement

I am looking forward to accompany you on your way!

Below you will find my exclusive offers: