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High sensitivity and animals

Since highly sensitive people and animals have many similarities in terms of sensitive nature, contact with animals is a strong desire. Many people also live out their sensitive side precisely through a close bond with their pets. Animals are also very sensitive and show us humans many things through direct feedback. They are our teachers and friends.

I have had a very close bond with dogs since I was a toddler. I went to every dog I met and was greeted back just as joyfully. I have had consistently positive experiences with dogs throughout my life, including many dogs from animal shelters. The love I gave and still give them, always came back double and triple.

Dogs immediately sense with what energy or motivation we meet them and mirror us. Especially for highly sensitive people it is a great opportunity to learn from the four-legged friends and to become aware of their own strengths and uniqueness. I keep this topic deliberately short, because it can not be described so well with words. Here it must be experienced simply in practice....