Hochsensibilität Beziehungen - Afectivo Psychotherapie & Coaching

Sensitive people suffer more, but they love more and dream more.

(Augusto Cury)

High sensitivity in partnership & friendships

One of the greatest gifts of highly sensitive people is empathy and the ability to empathize with other living beings. Feelings are experienced more intensively and a form of symbiosis in relationships develops more quickly, i.e. it becomes more difficult for you as a highly sensitive person to recognize which feelings and needs are your own and which are those of the other person. This applies equally to partnerships and friendships. Highly sensitive people usually adapt unconsciously and want to create harmony, but usually forget what they need themselves.

When highly sensitive people open their hearts and enter into a partnership, they usually do so with very strong feelings and also fall in love faster. Due to their special characteristics, they also feel more and more intensely. Therefore, it is basically a very great enrichment to be in a partnership with a highly sensitive person. The same applies to friendships. These are based on values such as trust, appreciation and reliability. Disappointments are therefore pre-programmed, since "normally sensitive people" cannot enter into this form of deep connection in this way and are often overwhelmed. The nice side, on the other hand, is that intense, deep connections can be made and both sides benefit from it.

You may also know the shadow sides:

  • You love more intensely than other people and you also grieve extremely when breaking off a contact?
  • You perceive a lot of what your partner or your friends feel?
  • You try everything to please others?
  • Your friends often turn to you with problems?
  • In groups you are overwhelmed and want to withdraw?
  • You permanently try to create harmony by adapting?
  • It is difficult for you to say "no" and you are afraid of offending others?
  • If you then set yourself apart, you are not taken seriously or dubbed as demanding?
  • You have the feeling that other people do not respect your boundaries?
  • You lose yourself in your relationship?
  • You sense when someone has a problem or something is wrong?
  • You don't know exactly what your needs are anymore?
  • You find it hard to let go?
  • You forgive much more than other people?

These characteristics are typical for most highly sensitive people in relation to relationships with others. Highly sensitive people find it extremely difficult to separate themselves. This is mainly due to the strong empathy, the striving for harmony and the distinctive intuition. Problems that can arise from this and unfortunately encounter many highly sensitive people in life are:

  • Losing access to their own needs
  • Giving up on oneself in relationships
  • Toxic relationship patterns develop very quickly, narcissistic people feel attracted like a magnet
  • You often get disappointed and hurt
  • In the worst case you get sick

These are some of the possible consequences that I often encounter in practice and that I myself had to experience painfully. Therefore I speak from experience and this is the greatest teacher to help other people and to pass on one's knowledge.

I am happy to support you in becoming more aware of yourself again, in setting yourself apart, in accepting your own needs and in daring to communicate them. You will learn to deal with rejection better and to develop an inner strength to deal with difficult relationships or to say "no" clearly. Because "no" is a complete sentence. We are social beings and relationships with other people are important. In order for them to be an enrichment and not a burden for you as a highly sensitive person, there are some strategies and exercises that I would like to teach you in coaching.

Feel free to contact me if you want to live happy relationships and friendships without losing yourself!