Hochsensibilität - Stress - Afectivo Psychotherapie & Coaching

The purest form of insanity is to leave everything as it is and at the same time hope that something will change!

(A. Einstein)

High Sensitivity & Profession

We live in a world where performance, consumerism, and competitiveness play a major role in our daily lives. For highly sensitive people, this in particular is an extreme challenge in everyday working life. A conditioning for the later career path already takes place in early childhood, in which it is drummed into us that we should "do something sensible", "have to be diligent" and make an effort "to become something". After all, life is not a pony farm. I think you know that too...

Most of the time we make a career choice that corresponds to the expectations of our environment and not to our talents, abilities and potentials. The consequences are stress, dissatisfaction and in the worst case mental and physical illness. Unfortunately, this is more often the case than we think. Even though the so-called "burn out" is not classified as a mental illness in the ICD, it is very often the case that dissatisfied and maximally stressed highly sensitive people suffer exactly this. Highly sensitive people are often very frustrated in the current working world because of their fine antennae and the desire to want to improve something or even to question it. The idealistic idea of a harmonious, fair and appreciative atmosphere often contradicts reality.

Do you also feel that you are dissatisfied in your current job? That you're constantly searching for a deeper meaning and simply want more than just doing mindless tasks? You get no recognition, no appreciation, have no joy and see no sustainability in your job? Then you are like many highly sensitive people. You feel that you want to change something, but you can't get out of your comfort zone? There are more signs that you are probably highly sensitive if these issues sound familiar to you:

  • The work atmosphere at your job is stressing you out? You're noticing a bad mood? Tensions between colleagues and managers bother you, even if you are not directly involved?
  • You work mainly just to make money in this job? Many HSM I know call this compensation also pain money....
  • You adapt to a company or system and are no longer yourself? It often starts with the "disguise" or "work clothes". You don't feel comfortable in a suit....
  • You take things home from work and they rob you of sleep?
  • You often perceive injustices in your daily work life? Are colleagues disadvantaged or the other way around?
  • Your need for harmony contradicts the daily interaction in your professional environment? The tone is abrupt or exaggerated and playfully friendly. You perceive both and suffer?
  • You feel controlled and not free in your work?
  • You hope for more personal responsibility and don't get it? Above all, would you like to act more creatively and freely?
  • Are you stressed by long and unstructured meetings without a goal? It can also happen that you have thoughts of escape when everything becomes too much for you?
  • Open-plan offices are a nightmare for you?
  • You wish to help other people?
  • You want to improve or develop things most of all?
  • Your intuition and spiritual nature are neither recognized nor appreciated in your job?
  • You drag yourself from Monday to Friday and then "live" on the weekends or during your vacations?

This is the case with many or almost all highly sensitive people. So you are not alone! With me, each of the mentioned points actually applied and it took many years until this realization matured in me, what cause this "differentness" has.

I also had to experience many of these unpleasant things during my professional "development". Starting with a study, which I did not enjoy, to a corporate job, in which I felt lost and searched for 13 years for my place, to be able to use my potential. I changed departments, hoping to make a difference, improve or develop, always looking for the sense of purpose. This was never satisfied and a frustration rose. In the long run, this also led to physical discomfort. I always asked myself why I had to go through this experience...today I know that I had to experience it myself in order to be able to be there for others. So I understand exactly what you are going through. I have been able to develop strategies for myself to get out of it all and find my way to professional freedom and my "calling". You can do that too!

In my individually tailored coaching we develop together your path, towards your calling. From recognizing and understanding what you really can and want, to the implementation.

Most managers have little knowledge about the topic of high sensitivity and are not sufficiently trained in dealing with highly sensitive people. Yet this is precisely where there is a huge potential for companies in all phases. Highly sensitive employees in a company are a great enrichment if they are recognized and accepted. The high empathy, the high striving for independence , the leadership potential, the creativity and the networked thinking are some of many characteristics that highly sensitive employees and colleagues can bring to much progress and growth.

Feel free to contact me and we can find a way to discover your professional potential!