Über-mich - Afectivo Psychotherapie & Coaching

„Be the change you wish to see in the world!“

(M. Ghandi)



First of all I would like to introduce myself. My name is Annika and I am highly sensitive. I have taken on many roles in my life (which I will also discuss here); now I act as a human being and pursue my calling (especially also highly sensitive) to accompany people back to their own power & strength and to fully develop their potential. As a mother of two and animal lover, I spend a lot of time in nature and traveling, preferably by the sea.

I have thought long and hard about how best to introduce myself so that you can also get a full picture. Working with people is first of all about trust and from my point of view also harmony. Therefore, I would like to introduce myself as transparently and openly as possible.

After many years of working for a big company, I took the courage and decision to leave this "safe" comfort zone to pursue my calling as a human being, offering consulting/coaching, training and psychotherapy from person to person. A special feature, which is very close to my heart, is that I can also work animal assisted (dog). I have therefore integrated my heart's desire to work with animals and made my offer 100% authentic and fitting to my vocation.

I have decided to present the most important characteristics and topics you should know about me -in the following subsections in a kind of "homepage - profile" (it should not be a classic CV). I want to be as transparent as possible, as a person and as a coach/therapist.

I am looking forward to meet you as well soon!

Qualifications & Skills

  • Naturopath for Psychotherapy (HP Psych.), learned therapy methods: cognitive behavioral therapy (Ellis, Beck), conversational psychotherapy (Rogers)
  • Expert in the field of high sensitivity
  • Diploma Kff. (Economics), main focus: corporate management, human resources, marketing
  • Diploma thesis with distinction in organizational psychology, cooperation during studies at the chair of organizational psychology (innovation research, change processes in networked organizations, leadership behavior, personnel development, potential development of organizations)
  • Lecturer and trainer at universities of applied sciences, alternative practitioner schools and organizations
  • Systemic coach with a focus on organizational change processes
  • Internationally certified project manager (GPM)
  • Distance learning in animal psychology (focus on dogs) at the ATN in Switzerland
  • 13 years of corporate work in the areas of: corporate and organizational development, process management, project management, change management, human resources management and recruiting, consulting for executives in human resources planning and support
  • Sales experience in various areas
  • Special competence in the fields of communication/ rhetoric and leading difficult conversations
  • Languages: German as native language, English, French (5 years at school), Spanish (basics).

Close your eyes - fall in love - stay there 

Special Qualities

  • Empathy & Sensitivity: as a highly sensitive woman, I perceive a lot in my counterpart and can tune into it very well. This is extremely important, especially for therapeutic work
  • Strong intuition: a gift that is difficult to describe in words, it has enriched my whole life so far and helped me to make the right decisions
  • Striving for justice: this sometimes very idealistic attitude is of great importance to me. Fairness is at the top of the list. I verbalize injustice openly
  • Reliability: I keep my word and feel commitment as an important form of appreciation
  • Goal orientation & structuredness: this is reflected above all in the solution orientation in my work
  • High perceptiveness & quick recognition of contexts: as a generalist, I am very broadly positioned. I have always been interested in the "big picture", but can also dive into details when necessary
  • Authenticity: I stand by my values and what makes me tick, and live up to them. I am genuine and keep my word


I work "scientifically professional" and at the same time holistic & intuitive. This is what makes me special. I combine both worlds - the pure knowledge base and also the spiritual level - through my many years of experience and my personal strengths.

And what am I burning for? This is something that unites many highly sensitive people: the passion and strong interest for matters of the heart. In my case, there are many things that inspire me:

  • My children & family: there is no greater love than that of one's own children
  • Dogs & horses: animals and the strong connection to them have played a big role in my life, animal welfare is very important to me
  • The Balearic island Ibiza: my place of heart and strength for over 20 years
  • Travel: especially to Ibiza, Mexico, Thailand, Italy
  • Sports: swimming, yoga, stand up paddling, mountain biking
  • Photography & interior design: I am a very visual person and like it harmonious, including colors and shapes
  • Vegetarian lifestyle: since I was 8 years old I don't eat meat anymore, my compassion was already so big in my toddler age that I didn't want to eat animals
  • Long walks on the beach or in the forest
  • Sunsets
  • Fresh mint with ginger and honey, Thai food

Shine a light within and it will light your way in the world   


I follow my heart's path and my calling to accompany people in difficult life situations or crises in an advisory capacity and to bring them back to their strength. Especially highly sensitive people do not always have it easy in this society; together we find ways to deal with permanent changes and the overstimulation better and to seize these as well as the high sensitivity itself as a chance. I wish for you that you can unfold your full potential. Because the world needs people like you!

In the course of my professional career, I have made the experience through many conversations and consultations that the boundaries between life crises, where it is usually enough to support in the form of coaching, and mental illness are often fluid. In order to be able to offer psychotherapy, however, a qualification as a coach is not sufficient; it is also prohibited by law. Therefore, as a non-medical practitioner for psychotherapy, I also offer the possibility to work with people who are mentally/ psychologically ill. I am trained to recognize the difference and may also diagnose. My motivation is to provide full, holistic, professional and above all sustainable support.

I view each person as a valuable individual, quickly recognize talents & strengths, and likewise offer "individually tailored services"; this attitude distinguishes my work.

Only you have you own answers. Deep inside lives your truth.   

Values in Cooperation

  • Trust & appreciation: everything you share with me remains confidential, I value you as an individual with all your facets
  • Individuality: I look at you and your individual situation, your strengths are again put in the foreground
  • Solution orientation: in every case the goal is to find a solution for the current challenges. My approach is very focused and structured
  • Sustainability: I understand this to mean that you will benefit from my work in the long term and that you will be able to dissolve old patterns/blockages or stressful beliefs
  • Personal responsibility: every person is responsible for himself. You are the only person who will always be with you. Self-responsibility includes courage and self-love. We strengthen both together

When does my offer suit you?

I offer each of my customers or clients the "YOU". It is important to me not to create an artificial distance when talking about such important and personal topics. I am very honest and direct - even addressing uncomfortable things - while remaining empathetic and respectful. In my experience, only by looking where things are uncomfortable can growth occur. The focus is always on regaining strength and power through the client's own ability to reflect and take responsibility. Above all, you should be self-initiated and responsible with yourself. My goal is always to help the client as quickly and sustainably as possible, so that there is no therapeutic dependency.

Above all, we fit together if you are also highly sensitive. I understand you and support you. You should be able to open up and be willing to leave your comfort zone. You are sensitive and sensitive, have the desire / the aspiration for change or improvement in your life - whether in partnership, profession or the very individual issues. Meaningfulness is very important to you and you have the inner urge to take your life into your own hands and to develop your full potential.

Feel free to contact me and we will find an individual way for you!