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Animal Assisted Coaching

Animals are wonderful beings and I appreciate them very much. Above all, they are a very good and honest teacher for us humans and mirror us. Therefore, a dog is ideal as a co-counselor/coach in private and also business environments. There is usually a very direct and immediate response to behavior and / or certain moods. Because also dogs, so I perceive it, are highly sensitive beings. Many of their senses are much better developed than those of us humans.  Often the mere presence of a dog during a conversation is enough. Dogs are always in the "here and now" and mirror us humans immediately. They are not prejudiced and not interested in material things. As social beings, they also like to interact with us humans and are curious. Feedback from a dog is also easier for many clients to accept and internalize.

Very special are the communicative abilities of dogs, almost everything happens non-verbally... I am therefore grateful through many encounters with dogs and also wolves in my role as a coach / therapist to put a special focus on non-verbal communication in humans.

Especially highly sensitive people have an intense connection to animals and in animal assisted coaching they feel more accepted and it is easier for them to open up just by the pure presence of the dog.

My dogs are all from animal welfare and have already been adopted as puppies. They are very well socialized and friendly to people.   

I am grateful and proud that they can accompany me in my work and also support you in your personality development. We can discuss details in person.